“This isn’t a bit! This is like my deepest, darkest secrets!
I have no friends! I’m always in fear of loosing the few friends that I do have… I’m really bad sometimes at responding to text messages and emails… I get a lot of social anxiety if I don’t respond right away, then I feel that I’ve left too much time go on…” — Gillian Jacobs (via annperkins)

Two of my girlfriends are always being told what great legs and butts they have, but no one says anything like that to me. I have glasses, and braces, and hair that cannot be tamed. I’m clever, but that’s it. I’m lonely; I feel ugly and insecure. I even made up a pretend holiday boyfriend to make myself seem cool—I don’t want to be a nerd! I want to feel empowered by my culture, and I want someone to like me. Is there anything I could do? [x]


Gillian Jacobs by Travis Shinn for Antenna, Winter 2012.

I’ve learned a lot from this man, Jim Rash. He’s a Groundling and he actually asked me to go and do improv one night at the Groundlings. I was foolishly like, “Yeah, sure!” And then I got there and was instantly terrified, like, “What have I done?” But I feel like I’ve absorbed some stuff … The only reason I was able to pull it off is getting to work with people like Jim and Donald Glover and Chevy Chase.


Gillian Jacobs doing the ‘Me so hungee’ dance at Paleyfest 2012

Gillian Jacobs at the Paley Fest 2012