Anonymous: "who is "THAT person"????"

sorry if that sounded ~mysterious it’s just someone i don’t like.

Anonymous: "how are you not sick of 1d yet?"

if i really like something it’s always ride or die

Anonymous: "can you explain the "surprise bitch" thing because I don't get it??"

Yes! It’s a reference to an American Horror Story: Coven gifset that’s become a thing ~ here on Tumblr where Emma Roberts’s character says that.

Anonymous: "i love you"

i’m gonna kiss you on the mouth

Anonymous: "hi you're my fav human bye"

hi i don’t know what this is for but i love you a lot

Anonymous: "random question, but how many people do you follow?"



the strUGGLE

Anonymous: "the only show i watch that you reblog is lost but i love the stuff you reblog so what would be your top show recommendations/ what're your favorites?? :)"

Oh wow!!! Thank you for sticking by through all of my various obsessions, then! I will give you some suggestions ~

  • Fringe! (I had some issues there at the end, but no show is perfect and I definitely think it’s worth it) Also, JJ Abrams was also involved in it, and it’s got actors from Lost in it so that’s always nice :) Also, Olivia Dunham is so badass.
  • Alias. (I’m starting off with two JJ Abrams involved TV shows first) Kickass female characters are like my kryptonite and Sydney Bristow is amazing.
  • Doctor Who. I will always recommend Doctor Who.
  • Warehouse 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Myka Bering is all I have to say)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is my favorite show of all time. If you can stick through the first season, you won’t regret it! (I’m not saying season one is bad!!! Just in comparison to the rest of the show it’s not as good, you know?) Again with the kickass female character. I love no fictional character more than I love Buffy Summers.
  • Dexter! It’s a very smart show. And addictive. And incredible. And Debra Morgan.
  • I don’t really reblog it a lot, but Breaking Bad is always a solid recommendation.
  • The first five seasons of Supernatural
  • The X-Files is very long and very daunting but 100% worth it!
  • FARSCAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Firefly :) :) :) :)
  • and some shows not similar but i will always recommend -
  • Veronica Mars, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Community, Hannibal!!!!, Merlin and my brain has stopped working but yes :D TV!!!
Anonymous: "hello! may i ask what you're using to self-reblog? i've been trying it and it's not working at all for me. :c"

It’s a feature on the XKit extension :D

Anonymous: "what is Farscape?"

It’s a sci-fi show about a guy called John Crichton who is an astronaut who ends up flying through a wormhole and ends up in a completely different part of the universe. Aliens and emotions and greatness and stuff. You know. Sci-Fi.


Anonymous: "i share your feelings about doctor who exactly and i want so badly to be excited about a new doctor because i started with matt so i've never been through a live regeneration before and it could be so great but moffat and he ruined a new companion and now he's going to ruin this and excuse me while i go stick my head through a wall"

i think the worst part for me is that he comes up with these grand ideas and huge storylines with amazing potential and it could be



but then he just doesn’t deliver on the promise of something great. it’s really frustrating. and my friend just pointed out the whole “if you hate it that much stop watching” argument which isn’t really the point. if i could quit, i would.

Anonymous: "YES CONTINUUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I love it so much omg. I watched all of the episodes yesterday it’s so good!!

Anonymous: ""#this show is one of two shows that has yet to piss me off" what's the other show?"

Hannibal :)

Anonymous: "whose nico mirallegro"

He is an actor from My Mad Fat Diary, here is his wiki page :)

Anonymous: "omg Lily you're the only person I follow that likes LBD, so you always make me happy when you reblog related things. And if you haven't seen it yet, the new video is SO GOOD."

Omg! Sorry I’ve been out all day but this episode was so goooood. Also, you should go off Anon so we can fangirl together :)