Also got a Team Nice Dynamite message with them being dorks. Like always.

"I want to give you the one thing I was never given. A choice


*turns on video game and lets the intro loop 20 times while doing something else entirely*

Title: You & I (Zayn's Ad Libs)
Artist: One Direction
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Zayn's Ad Libs in You & I (soundcloud)

I’m the Slayer. You’re playing on my turf.

“I love— I have a very close soft spot for Karen, I love Karen. She’s my great, great friend. And she’s just— y’know, she’s just so ridiculous. I can’t even begin to tell you. Y’know, she seems like, "[imitating Karen’s accent] Oooh nooo, I’m in a world of my own," but actually, she’s very smart, and she’s really clever, and she’s very funny, and she’s a great drinking buddy as well, so. But she’s from Scotland, they know how to do it. Um, and yeah, so, y’know. I’d run through a brick wall for Kazza. I would.” — Matt Smith talking about Karen Gillan during his panel at the St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con (via sherleck)

Title: Life and Death
Artist: Michael Giacchino
Played: 3996 times

Title: Main Title
Artist: Ramin Djawadi
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Game of Thrones Opening Credits (Main Theme)